One diffractometer - three geometries

STOE has developed a new type of diffractometer which is more flexible than any existing system without any loss in performance. STOE's STADI-MP combines the three most common diffractometer configurations: Transmission geometry, Bragg-Brentano geometry and a set-up for micro-diffraction.

Stadi MPVertical STADI MP high resolution Bragg-Brentano geometry, with reflectometry attachment, evacuable beam guide and DECTRIS MYTHEN 1K

Stadi MPHorizontal STADI MP in Transmission / Debye-Scherrer geometry with linear PSD.

Stadi MPMicro-diffraction set-up with secondary monochromator and scintillation counter.

Stadi MPSTADI MP in high resolution Bragg-Brentano geometry, with evacuated beam guide and linear PSD.


- Transmission / Debye-Scherrer, flat plate and Bragg-Brentano mode
- All geometries running with pure Kα1 radiation
- High resolution yielding well-defined peak profiles
- Stress and texture diffraction
- Extensive control and evaluation software WinXPOW
- Various high / and low temperature attachments and sample changers
- Scintillation counter, linear PSD, DECTRIS MYTHEN 1K and imaging plate detector

Download brochure for vertical setup

Download brochure for horizontal setup